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Business as usual for TMS - Covid-19, what measures have we taken?

Updated: May 25, 2021

During the global Covid 19 pandemic, most of the African ports were shut down and crew were stranded at sea and unable to travel back to India.

At this difficult time, TMS managed to obtain necessary approvals from Togo aviation ministry, security ministry, port authorities and immigration authorities to land aircraft in Lomé. TMS then chartered two flights in July and August 2020 at Lomé Airport with 340 crew including on-signers and off-signers, whilst also providing escort services.

Operationally there were also many logistics changes to be made, which TMS adapted to well in ensuring that for Charterers, Vessel managers and Owners, their time in Lomé went seamlessly like it would have done pre-pandemic.

Such challenges have only strengthened TMS and its grounding in Lomé as an all-serving agent, with many of the changes made now likely to form the foundations of who we are moving forward.

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